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Finding the perfect desk chair

Sitting may now have been proven to be worse for your body than most junk foods. Just as walking helps prevent obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, a sedentary work life has recently been linked to a drastic increase in these chronic illnesses for office workers. But before you go out and buy the combo standing bicycle yoga ball desk, keep in mind that an ergonomic desk chair might be the answer to your fears and concerns. Not only will an ergonomic desk chair increase your spine health; it sets you apart from sitting study statistics and benefits your whole body health as well. Consider the following details when shopping for a good economic desk chair:

Supporting your back: An ergonomic desk chair is unique from the standard office chair because its engineering considers back alignment above all else. This means you want to look for a chair that supports your lumbar (lower back) and challenges you to keep your neck aligned with the rest of your spine. This also means you shouldn’t go for the chair with soft cushions and no arm rests, nothing that encourages slouching or a bent neck. A good ergonomic chair will encourage you to keep your feet flat on the ground, elbows close to your body, and head facing straight forward.

Is it adjustable? Because people come in all shapes and sizes, you want to make sure you are also looking for a desk with adjustable seat and armrest height, along with the ability to swivel. This guarantees that, no matter which way you have to face to complete your work, your spine can remain in healthy alignment.

Get up and go: No matter how much money you’ve spent on a spine-healthy chair, never underestimate the value of standing up and taking a break from sitting at your desk. Send your printing request to the printer across the office instead of the one right next to you. Ask a coworker to walk with you around the corner to grab a cup of tea or coffee. Even stand up to greet a new client or fellow professional when they stop at your desk to talk. All of these small activities will increase the value of your ergonomic chair and make your spine happier throughout your work day.

Have more questions about spine health in your work place or home? Contact Choice Rehabilitation today! Our therapists specialize in helping you maintain a healthier life and a happier you.


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